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Loft Conversions

An attic is often wasted space that at best is used for storage or accumulating junk! However, there is a solution, converting your loft is an easy and efficient way to renovate your house and increase the living space in your home. It’s an opportunity to make great use of your living space, extending your home without having an extension! There are so many options with a loft. It could include an ensuite bathroom or walk in wardrobe. The additional bonus is that it will also add value to your home. Shaw Construction can support you through the whole process, advising you from concept to completion. We will cover all aspects of installation, overseeing the involvement of other professionals such as plumbers and electricians. All our work is carried out with minimal disturbance.


With the cost of property rocketing many families and individuals are considering an extension to their existing house in order to provide more space. Whether it is space for the family, an area to work in, or a place to relax, an extension to your property can give you all of this. Shaw Construction is fully qualified to oversee and implement such projects. We will build you a long lasting, beautiful space at an affordable and competitive price. We will listen to your requirements, whether you want something single storey or two storey, whether it’s modern and contemporary or more in keeping with another era we will ensure that its appearance is consistent with the character of your home and try to source the same materials used previously in your home to ensure a seamless appearance.


Sometimes we love the home we live in but the room layout may no longer work for you and your family. You may want to change your room layout, combine two rooms into one or change the use of one room into another. A growing family may mean you want to create a kitchen diner rather than have a separate kitchen and dining room or with the addition of a new family member one bedroom may need to be split into two. Working from home may require changing the use of one room into office space. Whatever your requirements, Shaw Construction has experience of making professional alterations to domestic homes.


Want a change but don’t want to move, the answer is simple, have a home refurbishment. You may have a more contemporary style in mind or on the other hand something more traditional.Shaw Construction can accommodate your needs. Alternatively, if you have made the decision to refurbish your home but aren’t sure what style you want, we can provide you with design inspiration along with the advice and guidance you need to choose a “look and feel” that you will love. We can transform your home to something you will not only enjoy living in but with the reassuring knowledge that you have also increased its value and future desirability. Thinking of refurbishing your property, contact Shaw Construction today.


Conversions A garage conversion is one way of giving you additional living space in your home without having to move house! A well thought out garage conversion can add as much as 10per cent to the value of your home and is a cost effective way of improving your properties re-sale value. Some garage conversions do not need planning permission and are allowed under the “permitted development” rules. We can advise you on this. We can also advise you on the design and planning of the space, ensure your conversion adheres to building regulations and source the best materials to use on the job.

Patio Doors

A patio door is designed to improve the look and feel of any room, balcony or conservatory. With so many styles to choose from you could opt for traditional or contemporary to suit the style of your home. Providing easy access from your home into the garden, a patio door gives you the opportunity to bring the outside in. It’s also a great way to let in more natural daylight into your room space. Shaw Construction has a vast amount of experience of installing patio doors in an existing property. We ensure that every project Is completed on time and on budget and with minimum disruption so that your new patio door fits effortlessly into your home.

Roof Light (Skylights)

Simply put a roof light is a window set in a roof or ceiling at the same angle. It can be used on a pitched roof as well as a flat roof. In this day and age, many home owners are reluctant to move to a new house but want/need additional space, so they are building upwards and outwards. Building an extension or converting your loft space into an additional room is a popular choice and with this has come an increase in demand for roof lights. These can cause light to come flooding into any room creating a well-lit and inviting space.  If you have some unused space it is worth thinking about converting it into an extra room and along with this installing some roof lights. As you can see from some of the photographs, Shaw Construction has experience of sourcing and fitting quality roof/sky lights.

Barn Conversions

We have an excellent reputation as the market leaders when it comes to barn conversions. With a long list of successful barn conversions behind us, our experience means that quality and style are never compromised. We are experts in sympathetically renovating and converting Grade II listed buildings, and specialise in working with oak.

Bi-fold Doors

Complimenting any property, whether it is a new or existing building, an extension, or even a period style cottage, the bi fold door is guaranteed to change the way you interact with your home and how you use the space, enabling you to enjoy your home in a new and different way. Not only do Bi fold doors offer you the opportunity to bring the outside in but will give you an all year-round uninterrupted view of your outside space, making the transition from home to garden seamless. Shaw Construction has a vast amount of experience fitting bi-fold doors into homes. As you can see from the photographs, we have been involved recently in installing bi-folding doors to the back and side of some properties. Some were part of extensions that we built, and others were fitted into existing spaces. We source the materials from reputable manufacturers who guarantee the finest quality.


Flagging encompasses many different types of paving from concrete slabs to natural products, such as Indian stone. These are all laid using a similar method and, with a wide range of experience in all of these products, we guarantee we will be able to construct the driveway or patio to suit all your requirements. The following methods of preparation for the foundation apply to paths, patios and driveways for all styles of paving:


  • Full excavation of the designated area up to a depth of 250mm depending on ground density
  • Geo-tex membrane laid over the entire area to stabilise the sub base and prevent sinkage
  • 150 to 180mm M.O.T stone foundation laid over the entire area then compacted using vibrating plate compactor or roller


  • All flags are laid on concrete a foundation for solidity and to prevent any future movement
  • Where necessary to pave the required area all cuts are administered using a diamond tipped stihl saw blade
  • All joints between the flags are pointed using a wet mortar mix